How to write a three chunk schaffer paragraph

Once you get into the routine, things just move along like clockwork. They must then write in a complete sentence that uses a subordinating conjunction— an explaining word three things they THINK about what they have seen and then three things they WONDER about what they have seen or heard.

When writing chunk paragraphs. Slide 16 Step 7: I wanted them to have a specific purpose for both their highlighting and their annotations. Re-adding a device that was part of the array which had been removed previously Up to this point, we have a working RAID 1 array that consists of 2 active devices: If they happen to mention something that both have listed in common, they are to put a checkmark next to that item.

There is little doubt that the effects of digital piracy relies on the interests of those who are affected by it [Commentary]. I want them to try to point out something that others might not have noticed.

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To mark the device as ro, it needs to be unmounted first: English I Honors W Marking an Raid array as ro or rw After creating the array, you must have created a filesystem on top of it and mounted it on a directory in order to use it. Global warming is a world problem and needs to be stopped.

CM These are your thoughts and questions about the topic. In this tutorial we will review the functionality provided by this tool so that you can have it handy when you need it.

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Your Turn You are going to be writing a one-chunk paragraph on the following prompt: For those with yellow Post-Its, I want them to write down the most significant thing they wonder about Birmingham based on their observations. In conclusion, the third pig outsmarts not only his brothers but the big, bad wolf as well.

Students will later choose the two strongest details to support the claim which has to do with how King used words to elicit the responses that the students identified for the assigned pages to write a two-chunk paragraph.

For example, she does all the cooking, cleaning, and sewing. Global warming should be man's greatest worry. This will help me when we talk about syntax. Those are concrete details CDs. If you click on the book, it will take you to Visible Thinking website where you can find a wealth of free materials to get you started.

A combination of CDs and CMs is called a chunk. This sentence contains analysis, interpretation, character feelings, opinions, inference, insight, reasons, or color commentator.

Schaffer paragraph

Re Adding a device to the array. Write arguments that develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting; Share this:.

3. What is a body paragraph? A body paragraph is one of three or more paragraphs that addresses the topic or the ideas of the essay. A two chunk paragraph contains a transition word, a topic sentence, a concrete detail, two commentary sentences, another concrete detail, two more commentary sentences, and a concluding sentence.

Write a "two-chunk" Schaffer paragraph, with a counterclaim, explaining your answer.

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Make sure your paragraph uses all three levels of analysis. Remember that quotes must have a lead in. Schaffer paragraph is recommended. Students are encouraged to elaborate upon each other's responses.

effective paragraphs when we start to write, we must pay attention to three elements: unity, coherence and transition. paragraphs. a paragraph is a unit of thought; it is at once a. Dialectical Journals Foundation Lesson Skills Focus • Teach students to write level one, two, and three questions.

Note: The four-sentence paragraph in the tone activity is based on Jane Schaffer’s 4-sentence chunk. Composition Composition th-pages 8/4/04 PM Page The 11 Sentence Paragraph. How to write an expository essay.

To Kill A Mockingbird: Need help choosing an essay topic?

You need to learn the following terms. Thesis Statement Concrete Detail Commentary Closing Commentary Chunk. Step by Step THE QUOTE Begin by deciding which quote to use as the center of your CHUNK paragraph. Make sure the quote is meaningful and substantial. Remember, as instructed in class, start from the middle out.

The quote is the center (literally and figuratively) of your paragraph. 3.

How to write a three chunk schaffer paragraph
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Essay Tips: How to Write Schaffer Paragraph